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3 months ago • Introductions
Sep 10, 21 at 11:17pm

Hello this is my first time on this site I mainly got this account because I’m attending anime Midwest 2022 I’m just here to say Hi


Has anyone ever ran a panel at a con before? It doesn't even have to be something spectacular, I'd still count it if you had 5 minutes of prep time. Got any good stories from it, or even stories from a panel that you saw at previous cons?

Jul 14, 21 at 3:43am

Hey guys, Im planning on going to con again here in Minnesota at the hyatt regency, wanted to know who all is going and if anyone wanted to meet up or plan to do something while at con, I might end up looking for roommates for the hotel room, my likes are magic the gathering, video games and anime. I also plan on bringing my switch, so if there was any interest in gaming together, have a great day ❤


I didn't make it to the Anime Underground panel today (Sunday, Anime Midwest 2021) but was really intrigued. is it an actual club or group? Sign me up dude!


Yo! New friend here. What up comrad!?!


It's my first time cosplaying. I will be Alluka

Jul 03, 21 at 11:49am

Hello! I will be cosplaying Alluka and I am wondering if there is a HunterxHunter meet up?


so like an idiot, i registered with my chosen name and not my legal name in a complete lapse in judgement.

(the registered name does not match my ID)

is there anything i can do?


I see they moved the arcade back over to the hotel. Does that mean it will be smaller this year?

Jun 30, 21 at 10:11am

Round1 has a ton of rhythm games, and they are usually very up to date. Is there one near you?


Does anyone know if there's gonna be any chance of having a minecraft cosplay meet up???

Jun 25, 21 at 1:54am

anyone hear anything about the party floor, I called the Hyatt they said try next week, 2 friends and I are planning to hop between parties and bring back people with good vibes to our room for a party

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