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Anime Midwest 2019

twilightraven93> I'm sure you're going to have a blast. Parts of Chicago can be trouble, so stay with the con crowd if you travel off-site for food or shopping/sightseeing. I'm sure you'll make fast friends if you keep yourself open. I expect 18000 attendees so that makes 18000 possible new friends! Lots of people looking out for each other so you need not be too worried. My daughter and I are also very excited to see the schedule and can't wait to see Voltaire! We play Voltaire's CDs in the car all the time :-). I expect to see the schedule maybe mid June.
Just a heads up twilightraven93, Chicago traffic is going to suck, go your own pace if you're driving. And AMW is *BIG*, make some friends and hang with them! And the schedule should be up within the next 2-3 weeks (it typically comes out about a month before con)
What time does the convention start? It’s my first time going, kinda nervous
AroscoeChc, you can register/pick up badge Friday as early as 10, though the first panels are at noon and the dealer/artist area opens at 1. Schedule here: https://www.animemidwest.com/schedule
Is anyone staying at the Hyatt Rosemount Hotel?
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