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What to wear at Anime Midwest Ball?

Hi y'all! This year will be the first time I'm attending Anime Midwest. I was reading up on events listed on the website and one of the events was an anime styled ball. I don't have any ball gowns and I only have an Indian style formal dress but I can't really waltz in it comfortably. I was wondering, do I need to have a ball gown and what constitutes as an anime styled ball gown?
It was reading up on it and it seemed that it was anything sorta fancy, I guess? I'm just wearing a nice simple black dress to go along with my Mercy piece :) I'm sure that if you can wear anything appropriate for a dance! Just no jeans, T-shirts, and all that jazz :)
Honestly in my experience at the ball (been around four times) I'd say if you like wearing dresses any will do. They aren't super strict. Jeans and tshirts are a no-go but if you just have a skirt or black pants or something you're good to go!
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